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Timeshare Donations, an auxiliary of Giving Center Non profit charitable organization, was created out of necessity, and the understanding that our first responsibility is to you, the benefactor of the many charitable organizations that exist in today’s world.

In a perfect world of course, we all give freely and we do so selflessly… In today’s world however, each of us needs to take certain care to make sure that our charity donations make financial sense for all parties involved.

We at TIMESHARE DONATIONS specialize in doing just that.

Whether a buyer or seller, we take pride in offering quality timeshares for sale and professionally facilitating the process of timeshare donations to the charity of your choice. Timeshare Donations applies ethical and responsible stewardship of these transactions to assure the most positive outcome to all parties involved!

It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling, both shall enjoy benefits! TIMESHARE DONATIONS gives the proceeds from all timeshare donations and resales to the charity of your choice! 

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