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Timeshare Donation Testimonials - Timeshare Resale Testimonials

I tried to sell our Florida Timeshare for over a year and spent over $700 trying. I saw an article in the newspaper about you guys and decided to check you out. First impression was that you have a very nice looking website and I like how I could choose the charity I want to donate to. I filled out your online form and you emailed me the documents I needed to complete within a half hour. Within 3 weeks the entire process was completed and I no longer had to worry about selling my timeshare. I must admit I was a little skeptical about whether or not you really gave the money to the charity I chose so I picked a local charity I volunteer with to verify your claim. After around 7 weeks I asked the director if he got any donations recently from another charity. He told me that yes in fact, he did receive a check from a Giving Center charity for $4100 and wondered how I knew. I explained the timeshare donation I made to you guys and we both agreed you prove a great service. We both want to thank you for being a truly credible and trustworthy organization. Very hard to find these days! God Bless and keep up the great work!  Frank G. - Oregon

I went to Miami around 3 months ago and fell in love with the city and knew I would return.. I went to the oldest church for Sunday service and the hotel we stayed at was beautiful but extremely expensive due to the location. I was at the pool though and met a couple that said they owned a timeshare at the resort and that I should check into it. I asked the front desk about the ownership possibilities and they directed me to the vacation ownership office. I was quite surprised to learn that the 2 bedroom suite we were interested in was $21,000 and realized that wasn't in our budget. I really wanted to own a timeshare in Miami though and did some research when I came home. I came across your website and was pleasantly surprised to see you had the exact resort I originally wanted to buy into for half the cost! Plus we got New Years week which the resort said was unavailable. Thanks for providing this service and making the whole transfer trouble free. Wendy F. - New York