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2 Reasons to Sell "You Never Use" & Maintenance Fees

Lets think back to the day you first decided to buy a timeshare. Most likely you were on vacation, minding your own business, strolling down the beach in Mexico, Florida, or maybe cruising the Vegas Strip. Out of the blue this friendly, outgoing person approaches you and strikes up a conversation. Seems pretty innocent at first but then the offers start coming in. "Hey Buddy, you want a free lunch and a couple of Mexican blankets? All you have to do is attend this 1 hour seminar and learn a little bit about blah blah resort. At the end of the hour you get a great lunch, and while they talk, you can drink as much as you want for free!"

So you decide to take advantage of the free food and drink. The blankets are a bonus that you can give to someone at home that enjoys presents from your travels. No way will they sell you. The last thing you are in the market for is a timeshare... But then you saw the view.. The beach looked so much cleaner than the hotel you were staying at, the units were all brand new and as the Seminar Lady said, this really is a once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of paradise.

OK, Sold, I will buy a timeshare from you! Where do I Sign?

This may not be the exact case scenario of the day you decided to buy a timeshare but I think you understand the point. You unfortunately fell into the hands of the timeshare developers creative marketing ploys and highly trained sales staff and paid retail asking price for this wonderful timeshare in paradise you will without a doubt, use every year.

Unfortunately you, like most timeshare owners, probably lost the excitement after 5 or 10 years and you started to accrue or bank the weeks. You told yourself you would use them next year, and next year came and you said it again. Maintenance fees were always there though and after 4 or 5 years of throwing away $300 to $1000+ per year, you had enough. Now the challenge of getting a price remotely close to what you paid for it only 5 years ago arises. You paid $16,000 but are asking only $11,000. You take out Timeshare for sale ads, and not 1 person calls. You decide to use a broker or a website that guarantees they will sell it for a large percentage of the sale. Long story short you just wasted alot of time and money and probably only got $5,000 - $7500 after everything was said and done. So the question is, Why sell a timeshare when you can donate a timeshare to charity and enjoy numerous benefits?

 Timeshare Donations are Fast and Easy!

Timeshare Donations are an easy way to relieve yourself of the burden of owning a timeshare and at the same time benefit your community. We have made every attempt to ensure that our timeshare donation program to charity is as simple and trouble free as possible.

Just use our easy donation form to begin the donation process. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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