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Why Donate Timeshare to Charity

Timeshare Donation Pros and Cons

Half of you reading this page are wondering why someone would actually donate a timeshare. The other half is breathing a sigh of relief and wondering how can they donate a timeshare. When looking back on previous donors, we hear of only 1 negative side to donating timeshares. You will not be able to have the pleasure of using the same timeshare every year. To some this is very important due to the friends they have made over the years, and the memories they have of the happy times they enjoyed there.

To others though, maintenance fees and the headaches of trying to rent or sell a timeshare, don't compare to a current market value tax write off and the ability to support charity.  Here are some of the main benefits those who donate timeshares enjoy:

  • Current Market Value Tax Deduction can be taken over a 5 year period.
  • Social and public benefit. You Help our Community with a timeshare donation!
  • Help a Trusted Charity. You get to choose who gets the proceeds!
  • Savings of the many yearly fees associated with timeshare ownership.
  • Avoid the lengthy hassles of a private and usually distressed sale that generally garners much less of a financial benefit to the owner than donating

 Timeshare Donations are Fast and Easy!

We have made every attempt to ensure that our timeshare donation program to charity is as simple and trouble free as possible.

We can get you started right away!
Just use our easy contact form to begin the donation process. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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