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Timeshare Donations are an easy way to help rid yourself of your unused timeshare while helping out some truly special charity organizations. It is known that we feel much better about ourselves if we feel like we matter to other people, and we naturally feel bad if we decide not to aid and comfort someone when we know they need it. Charity is really the extension of the self to include others. Others can be humans, animals, the environment, education, arts, health, religion and overall public benefit.

This is a Win-Win-Win Situation! The person donating a timeshare wins by enjoying a tax benefit, the timeshare buyer wins because they get a great deal, and the charity organization wins because without the buyer and donor, no help could be offered to those that need it! (Remember that when donate a timeshare you are entitled to a current market value tax deduction which can be taken over a 5 year period!) So you are not only benefiting those in our world, you are helping yourself as well!

Below we have compiled a list of charity organizations your timeshare donation will benefit. If you are a charity and wish to join the Timeshare Donations network please  contact us here.

      Charitable Organizations

With Causes Charitable Network - With Causes is a brilliant organization that includes an entire network of websites geared towards accepting a variety of charity donations. "With Causes" provides charitable works for other like minded organizations as well as social service agencies, private non-profits, medical research, treatment and prevention as well as those individuals with special needs such as housing, automobiles, computers and much more.

Donate Real Estate - Donate real estate such as land, houses, commercial property and timeshare donations. Real Estate with Causes

Computer Donations - Donate a computer to charity and they refurbish and give to schools throughout the world! Computers with Causes

Car Donation - Donate a car to charity nationwide and receive fair market value. Online Car Donation repairs your vehicle and gives it people that truly need a working vehicle. This means you get fair market value!

Donate Boat - A boat donation to charity is a great way to benefit your community. Charity Boats accepts sailboats, fishing boats and any other boat floating or not!  Enjoy a fair market value tax write off..

Donate Collectibles - Collectible donations are an easy way to save yourself the headache of trying to sell the collection yourself. Donate collectibles to charity and enjoy excellent tax benefits!

More Charitable Organizations Your Donations Support Here!